HuffPost: POETRY SLAM: Ted Cruz Attacks Biden Court Pick For Writing Bad Poem 30 Years Ago

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Jennifer Bendery


This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on October 4, 2023.

Jake Faleschini of Alliance for Justice, a progressive judicial advocacy group, condemned Republicans’ ridiculous treatment of Kasubhai.

“Those who have been nominated to serve on our federal courts deserve so much better than the blatant disrespect that played out in today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing,” Faleschini said in a statement. “Judge Kasubhai is a consummate professional who deftly deflected the attacks, defended his courtroom practices, and demonstrated exactly why he will make a fantastic judge. All that the Republican senators did today is broadcast their own disdain for diversity and any effort to ensure all people have equal access to justice.”

As the hearing wound down, committee chairman Dick Durbin (D) noted that Republicans didn’t spend much time asking Kasubhai about any of the hundreds of opinions he’s issued as a judge amid their efforts to try to frame him as a Marxist ― and attack his poem.

“Your poetry has been fed back to you today,” Durbin told Kasubhai. “Don’t be discouraged. Poetry is still very important.”

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