Groups Ramp Up Messaging Efforts On Judicial Picks Ahead Of 2020

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Groups on both sides of the political aisle are ramping up targeted messaging efforts about the significance of federal judicial nominees.

The reignited debate over abortion and  the contentious confirmation process of Supreme Court nominees are just some of the reasons why the fate of the judiciary is expected to be a marquee issue during the 2020 election. And groups on both sides of the aisle see an opportunity to drum up voter support.

“Almost every question and issue in America is decided by a federal judge,” said Nan Aron, president of the Alliance for Justice. “We will make sure during the election that Americans know just how important a role a president has in selecting federal judges and in shaping the federal bench.”

The progressive leaning Alliance For Justice is planning to launch a new initiative working with other like minded groups to create a list of diverse judicial nominees. 

“And that talent pool will include civil rights lawyers, women’s rights lawyers, plaintiffs, environmental lawyers, public defenders, [and] individuals who will bring a wealth of experience and talent,” Aron added. 

The group hopes to be a check to conservative groups like the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation which provide a list of candidates for federal judicial positions. 

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