Giving Thanks to 2019’s Outstanding Nonprofit Advocates - Alliance for Justice

Giving Thanks to 2019’s Outstanding Nonprofit Advocates


Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort

At Bolder Advocacy, we are thankful for all the nonprofits that have diligently advocated on behalf of their communities in 2019. Whether speaking out on behalf of DREAMers and asylum seekers, standing up for access to affordable housing, or defending against voter suppression tactics, organizations across the country have taken their advocacy to the streets, the courts, and legislators to courageously advance their missions. Here are a few of their recent success stories:

  • Nonprofit advocates with Faith in Action Bay Area mobilized community members and allies to support ordinances that protect tenants from no-cause evictions and unreasonable rent hikes. Their efforts paid off recently, when they won emergency rent-caps and other tenant protections in Daly City, Redwood City, and San Mateo. By recognizing community needs and advocating for local legislation, they faithfully protected tenants’ rights.
  • On November 15, the Innocence Project won an indefinite stay of execution for their client, Rodney Reed, who was convicted of capital murder despite evidence of innocence. Reed’s case garnered widespread media attention, and Innocence Project staff along with other nonprofit groups helped to mobilize mass opposition to Reed’s scheduled execution. By taking Reed’s case to the public and the courts, the Innocence Project stood up for their client’s rights while simultaneously educating the public about wrongful convictions and the importance of seeking truth and justice for all. We are grateful for their work on Reed’s case and their continued efforts to pursue criminal justice system reforms.
  • In June of this year, Grassroots Leadership advocates along with members of the #HomesNotHandcuffs coalition successfully convinced the Austin City Council to modify existing law as a preliminary step towards decriminalizing homelessness. Coalition allies, like the Texas Fair Defense Project and Texas Freedom Network, joined forces to ensure that individuals won’t be held criminally liable for sleeping and camping in public spaces unless the activity endangers the safety of the individual or the public. By speaking out on behalf of Austin’s homeless population and engaging in local legislative advocacy, these organizations help to ensure basic human rights.

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