Frustrated liberals say Democrats aren’t aggressive enough on courts

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Published in The Hill

Democrats running in the 2020 race have yet to make firm commitments on what kind of justices they would nominate if Supreme Court vacancies open up, and they have not set out plans for counteracting Trump’s flood of conservative judges across the federal courts.

The lack of action is leaving groups scratching their heads as to why Democrats aren’t acting aggressively on the topic that many credit as helping Trump win the presidency in 2016. 

“It’s particularly striking or surprising, given that according to Donald Trump, his major accomplishment over the past few years is putting judges and justices on the court who will turn the clock back on our rights and liberties,” said Nan Aron, the president of the progressive Alliance for Justice. 

“This is the issue which McConnell has seized upon time and time again and has made changing the face of the federal bench his number one task,” she continued. “It’s striking, and the American people are beginning to feel the immediate effects of these judges.”

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