First Day Of Confirmation Hearing Previews Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Incredible Qualifications

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WASHINGTON, D.C., March 21, 2022 – Today marked the first day of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. Today’s hearing began with opening speeches from senators highlighting Judge Jackson’s impeccable record as a lawyer and judge, as well as her exceptional judicial temperament. Judge Jackson subsequently delivered her own remarks, introducing the country to her parents, husband, two daughters, as well as her mother and father-in-law who both traveled to the nation’s capitol to support Judge Jackson during today’s hearings.

Throughout today’s hearing and in her remarks, Judge Jackson demonstrated the poise, intellect, grace and temperament of a Supreme Court justice, demonstrating why Americans overwhelmingly support her confirmation.

Alliance for Justice President Rakim H.D. Brooks issued the following statement:

“Today was an historic day for the Supreme Court and for the country. Judge Jackson’s testimony clearly demonstrated to the country what so many of us already knew: she is just as remarkable of a person, mother, and friend as she is a brilliant and capable jurist. Throughout her hearing, the full depth of Judge Jackson’s incredible legal experience, both as a former federal public defender and as a federal judge, was on full display. Judge Jackson clearly shines as a nominee and she will make evident over the coming days how she will uphold justice for all as a member of the Supreme Court.”