Capital B News: ‘Vocal and Unafraid’: How Justice Jackson Is Talking About Race on the Supreme Court

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Christina Carrega

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on December 12, 2022.

“It is unusual for the junior justice to be as outspoken as she is, but she’s also an unusual junior justice as the first Black woman to fill the role,” said Rakim Brooks, president of Alliance for Justice, a national coalition of progressive legal organizations. “So I think it should be applauded, particularly because there have been a lot of good studies about the extent to which the male justices interrupt the female justices, and so forth. So let’s just say that she’s making up for lost time for women who served on that court.”


Brooks says that this case symbolizes how “we’re still trying to fight for equality in society, and the way that the law is used to help us fight for equality, we can’t do that if we’re on the defense. And all of these cases are meant to put us on the defensive and to gradually weaken us.”

“We are not on the offense, the issues that we care about are not progressing in the courts, the legal theories that we believe should govern have no sunlight, because they’re on the offense by virtue of their 6-3 majority and the way that the legal community has said or treated that to guide its own strategies,” Brooks said.

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