Bolder Advocacy’s Statement on the Recent SCOTUS Decision on DACA


Ryann Alonso



Advocacy matters!

On June 18, we saw a tremendous victory for DACA recipients at the Supreme Court. Bolder Advocacy understands the countless hours put in by DREAMERs, organizers, and immigrant rights advocates at all levels to impact today’s decision. We thank you and will continue to support work in the immigrant rights space.

Even though this is a critical victory, we also understand that it is not a substitute for permanent policy solutions for DREAMERs and other immigrants. Bolder Advocacy remains committed to amplifying the voices of nonprofits to better advocate for community change, racial equity, and immigrant rights. It is not lost on us that immigrants have made up a significant portion of front line and essential workers during COVID-19, and that legislative and administrative advocacy is more important than ever.

Please reach out to us for training, resources, and technical assistance to strengthen your advocacy efforts, so that all can fully exercise their rights. Questions about whether signing a petition constitutes lobbying or how you can use this decision to energize voters? Call us. Not sure how to track lobbying or whether you can participate in a virtual rally sponsored by a (c)(4) partner? Call us. Thinking about how to engage with candidates this election cycle or how to convince a foundation that they can support your advocacy efforts? Call us. Our Bolder Advocacy team is here to answer your questions and help you strategize so you can advocate boldly.