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Bolder Advocacy Success Stories: Native American Youth And Family Center



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We are thrilled to share some remarkable victories from our Native American Youth And Family Center (NAYA) family! With guidance from Bolder Advocacy, NAYA has achieved incredible milestones in advocacy, shaping policies that uplift our communities and amplify our voices.

Here’s a glimpse of NAYA’s advocacy wins:

  1. Enhanced Recordkeeping: With Bolder Advocacy’s assistance, NAYA has fortified its advocacy recordkeeping practices, ensuring transparency and compliance with meticulous documentation.
  2. Expanded Advocacy Efforts: NAYA has delved into extensive federal legislative work and has embraced other civic engagement initiatives and voter education with fervor.
  3. Dynamic Coalition Building: Collaborating with diverse communities and union partners, NAYA has forged powerful coalitions, driving impactful change through unity and collective action.
  4. Legislative Victories: From championing bills addressing Indigenous women’s safety to securing crucial funding for community development, NAYA’s advocacy has yielded tangible results, enriching lives and empowering futures.
  5. Mentorship Opportunities: NAYA’s dedication to advocacy has garnered recognition from state legislators, fostering mentorship opportunities and strengthening bonds with policymakers.

These achievements underscore NAYA’s unwavering commitment to cultural empowerment and community well-being. NAYA touts Bolder Advocacy as one of its “most influential partners” when it began its journey to create and operate affiliated tax-exempt organizations. Together, we continue to pave the way for positive change and a brighter tomorrow.