Bolder Advocacy Releases a Series of Fact Sheets on For the People Act


H.R. 1, the For the People Act, has passed in the House of Representatives and now heads to the Senate where it will be introduced as S. 1. This is a massive piece of legislation, with most of the public attention focused on the bill’s strong — and needed — protections for voting rights. Yet the bill includes various provisions that could impact nonprofits, particularly 501(c)(4)s and unions. Bolder Advocacy has developed a series of resources that explain some of these provisions and the impact they could have on nonprofit advocacy.

This new series of fact sheets include:

Bolder Advocacy believes a greater understanding, and discussion, of how this bill affects nonprofits — especially 501(c)(4)s — is called for as we take this groundbreaking step to reform our democracy. Bolder Advocacy’s work with thousands of nonprofits, including new and small organizations, causes us to ask questions about some of the lesser-known provisions and unintended consequences that could affect organizations that engage in issue advocacy.