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Ask Us Anything


Leslie Barnes, Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort, Tim Mooney


In this episode, we once again turn to your questions on nonprofit advocacy with another edition of Ask Us Anything. We’ll cover topics like litigation, lobbying grants, state PACs connected to (c)(3)s and more! 

Our Lawyers for This Episode:

Leslie Barnes Natalie Ossenfort Tim Mooney


  • You often mention litigation as something nonprofits can do. What are some examples?
  • Someone sent us an email asking us for our last two 990s. Can we just direct them to the IRS site? The one we just filed isn’t up there yet – is it ok for us to tell the person they’ll have to wait til it processes?
  • Can we make a lobbying grant from a c3 to a c4 before we file before we file our 2021 Form 990 this May and have it count as a 2021 expenditure?
  • We spoke with lawyers who were concerned about us forming a state PAC connected to our c3. The PAC will exclusively work on an upcoming statewide ballot question. They think we need to form a c4 or the c3 could risk its tax status. Is that right?
  • We want to purchase cable tv ads telling people to contact both our Senators to support President Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court. The thing is, our primaries are really early, and one Senator has a challenger. We’d like to do this out of our c3 but aren’t sure if that’s ok…
  • Our executive director is running for school board. Can our c3 staff volunteer for the campaign? What are best practices for staff running for office?