Alliance for Justice Statement on the Police Shooting of Jacob Blake

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Carolyn Bobb

WASHINGTON, DC, August 28, 2020 – The following is a statement from Nan Aron, President of Alliance for Justice, on the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

“The shooting of Jacob Blake is sickening. Time and again, we have watched in horror as police violate the rights of Black people with impunity.  We are angry.  We are outraged.  

We join everyone in saying ENOUGH.

George Floyd shouldn’t have died. 

Breonna Taylor shouldn’t have died.

Tony McDade shouldn’t have died.

Ahmaud Arbery shouldn’t have died.

Rayshard Brooks shouldn’t have died.

Sadly, innumerable and unnamed others should not have died at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve.

This most recent shooting reinforces the urgency of the fight against systemic racism and the longstanding oppression of Black people.

The continued protests – and the movement for Black Lives – make it clear that we must re-make our justice system and think differently about what it means to promote public safety in a way that elevates Constitutional rights.

Yet, mourning and words are not enough. Everyone – especially those in power – must fight against racism in all of its forms. We call on elected officials and police leaders to reject the fiction first espoused by President Trump in 2017, which suggests that the laws are “made to protect the criminal” and “are stacked against” police. 

Policymakers must listen to the movement’s demands and act. The needless delays already have a significant death toll.

At the same time, Alliance for Justice will support the movement to address systemic racism and unconstitutional policing wherever it raises its head.

We continue to deepen our work with organizations serving communities impacted by the justice system, racial inequality, and police brutality to help them advocate for urgently and long-needed structural changes and to ensure organizations know when and how they can register voters, educate candidates and the public, support policies, and advocate.”

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Albert Lang
Director of Communications
(301) 512-8379