Alliance for Justice Launches Digital Ad Campaign Featuring Gorsuch “Frozen Trucker” Case

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Zack Ford

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 24, 2017 – Alliance for Justice is launching a digital video ad campaign today featuring the story of Alphonse Maddin, the “frozen trucker” affected by one of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s most callous rulings. In it, Mr. Maddin tells his story in his own words and concludes that Gorsuch should not be on the Supreme Court. His story featured prominently in this week’s confirmation hearings for Gorsuch, and was cited by several Senators.

The ad, “Meet Alphonse Maddin,” can be seen here

A longer AFJ video, “Alphonse Maddin Speaks Out,” in which Mr. Maddin talks about his experience, can be viewed here

“Neil Gorsuch has shown how oblivious he is to the realities faced by working people and families in this country,” said Nan Aron, President of Alliance for Justice. “Mr. Maddin faced an impossible choice: lose his life or lose his job. But Gorsuch’s opinion showed he didn’t grasp that, in contradicting findings of the Department of Labor and every other judge who heard this case. As usual, Gorsuch’s ruling reflected a bias in favor of big corporations at the expense of working Americans, and that is exactly the bias he will bring to the Supreme Court unless Senators step up and reject this nomination.”

Mr. Maddin’s story is also featured in AFJ’s comprehensive report on Neil Gorsuch, The Gorsuch Record.