AFJ Welcomes Supreme Court Term with New #ThomasResign Ads 

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Zack Ford

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 28, 2023 – Next week marks both the beginning of the new Supreme Court term and the Major League Baseball playoffs and Alliance for Justice has a message for the Court: Justice Clarence Thomas is well past his three strikes and it’s high time he’s out. 

In a new ad campaign that will run on the Washington Post website, AFJ recalls Chief Justice John Roberts’s analogy that “judges are like umpires” who have a duty to apply the rules. When one of those umpires is bought and paid for through lavish vacations, real estate deals, tuition funds, and more, they can’t be trusted to rule fairly for both teams. 

Justice Thomas’s record of corruption only continues to grow, including the recent revelation that he’s been hobnobbing with the Koch network just as they’re bringing a case challenging Chevron doctrine, which Thomas conspicuously changed his opinion about. His continued presence on the Court only undermines the public’s already-low trust in the institution. 

Watch the ad here:

Jake Faleschini, Justice Program Director at Alliance for Justice, issued the following statement: 

“We’ve been calling for Justice Thomas’s resignation since ProPublica first reported on his relationship with Harlan Crow back in April. Since then, we have learned more and more about just how deep Thomas’s corruption goes, and it’s impossible to say how much we still haven’t heard. The Supreme Court is returning to a new term with the lowest public trust in its history, and the problems are easily identifiable. Justice Thomas is this Court’s corruption MVP and he needs to be ejected from the game. It’s a call any umpire could make blindfolded if they weren’t already bought and paid for.”