AFJ Stands With Unions and Workers On Labor Day

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Carolyn Bobb

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 6, 2021 – Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron issued the following statement recognizing the critically important contributions of workers and labor unions in celebration of Labor Day:

“For over 100 years, our nation has celebrated Labor Day in recognition of the many contributions that organized labor and labor unions have made to our society, as well as to celebrate the workers who built our country and make its continued success possible. This Labor Day feels particularly significant given the millions of essential workers who continue to put their bodies, their health, and, in many cases, their lives on the line during a once-in-a-century pandemic. Their continued sacrifices are heroic, courageous, and deeply admirable, and the entire nation owes each of these workers our full support and appreciation.

“Alliance for Justice is proud to have a unionized workforce, and we are proud to count unions and labor advocates as our partners, friends, and allies in our fight to create a just, free and equitable society for all. Together, we will continue to fight for judges who will protect the rights of all, including our nation’s workforce. Sadly, this has not been the case in recent years following the Supreme Court’s hard right turn on labor issues. Through horrendous decisions such as Janus v. AFSCME, Epic Systems v. Lewis, and Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid, the Court has overturned long standing, decades-old precedents supporting workers and their legal rights to fight for better wages, improve their working conditions, recover stolen wages, or organize on their worksites.

“In response, AFJ will continue insisting that the Biden administration name additional nominees to the federal bench with strong labor backgrounds such as Jennifer Sung, who dedicated much of her career to tirelessly fighting for workers. For far too long our nation’s justice system has been stacked in favor of the wealthy and powerful. Now is the time to confirm judges who will be fair and unbiased and ensure our most important laws protecting workers are properly applied. It’s what workers have earned, and it’s what they deserve.”