AFJ Praises Senate Commitment To Confirming Lower Court Judges 

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WASHINGTON, D.C., March 14, 2022 – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced today that the Senate would proceed with confirmation votes on 12 lower court judges in the coming weeks. By filing cloture on these outstanding judicial nominees, the Senate is ensuring that the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson won’t slow down the important process of filling the many critically important vacancies on our district and circuit courts. 

The nominees advancing are: 

  • Alison J. Nathan (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit) 
  • Jacqueline Corley (Northern District of California) 
  • Victoria Calvert (Northern District of Georgia) 
  • John H. Chun (Western District of Washington) 
  • Sarah Geraghty (Northern District of Georgia) 
  • Georgette Castner (District of New Jersey) 
  • Ruth Bermudez Montenegro (Southern District of California) 
  • Julie Rubin (District of Maryland) 
  • Cristina D. Silva (District of Nevada) 
  • Anne Rachel Traum (District of Nevada) 
  • Hector Gonzalez (Eastern District of New York) 
  • Fred W. Slaughter (Central District of California) 

Alliance for Justice identifies a total of 36 judicial nominees who are still awaiting confirmation, 13 of whom the Senate Judiciary Committee is still processing. Confirming these 12 judges will make a significant dent in the over 100 vacancies pending on the lower courts. 

Alliance for Justice President Rakim H.D. Brooks issued the following statement: 

“Today’s announcement from Leader Schumer is a reminder of just how high the stakes are for our courts. Yes, we are in an exciting moment to confirm Judge Jackson — an historic, well-qualified nominee — to the Supreme Court. But our lower courts are just as important to our democracy and the rule of law. The professional and demographic diversity these 12 nominees are adding to the bench will ensure our courts have the capacity and wisdom to truly deliver equal justice to all. 

“We have seen President Biden nominate incredibly qualified nominees, and Chair Durbin has been ensuring they have a chance to shine in their committee hearings. Filling these vacancies by 2023 remains a top concern, and we applaud Leader Schumer, Chairman Durbin, and the entire Democratic Caucus for prioritizing this important goal. Supreme Court nominations may occupy much of the public spotlight, but Leader Schumer is proving that doesn’t mean other important priorities must be delayed in the meantime.”