Advocacy Wins


Nona Randois, Victor Rivera Labiosa, Tim Mooney

We talk a lot about advocacy, but what’s advocacy without some wins? On this episode, we highlight some of the victories nonprofit advocates have achieved at the state and federal level. 

Our Attorneys for This Episode:

Nona Randois Victor Rivera Labiosa Tim Mooney


  • This summer California made history as the first state to agree to fully remove exclusions for Medi-Cal health coverage (California’s version of Medicaid) for all who are income eligible, regardless of immigration status. 
  • This year’s budget removed the final exclusions for that population, who will be eligible to access health coverage through Medi-Cal starting by January, 2024. 
  • California Immigrant Policy Center and Health Access California formed the #Health4All coalition in 2013. By 2022, the coalition consisted of 180 state and national organizations committed to health and racial justice. 
  • Bolder Advocacy has supported California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC), Asian Americans Advancing Justice affiliates, Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, Public Health Institute, and many other members of the #Health4All coalition by providing training and technical assistance throughout this effort. 
  • Comment by Sarah Dar, the Director of Health and Public Benefits Policy at CIPC  


  • PN3
    • A pre-natal to 3 collaborative whose mission statement is that all Texas children are born healthy and have equitable access to health and early learning support in their homes and communities.  
    • They were able to advocate for an expansion to post-partum Medicaid coverage for Texas moms during the last Texas legislative session. 
    • During the most recent legislative session, the Texas House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a bill that offered 12 months of coverage. However, the Texas Senate amended the legislation to six months instead. While the application is still in review, the work done by groups like PN3 has already made a significant impact. 
  • Burn Pits 360  
    • PACT Act – expanding benefits for veterans who have been exposed to toxic burn pits and providing better coverage for veterans overall.  
    • With the passage of this bill, veterans who are diagnosed with any of the conditions listed in the legislation will be deemed automatically eligible for health coverage.   

Federal & West Virginia 

  • The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) recently passed and was signed by President Biden 
  • Formerly known as Build Back Better, many nonprofits advocated for passage on all facets including tax reform, climate change and inflation relief 
  • “Kayaktivists” met Sen. Manchin on the Potomac river at his boat/yacht  
  • Sen. Manchin heard from representatives of community organizations across the state (including very rural southern WV)