Advocacy by 501(c)(4)s - Part 2 - Alliance for Justice

Advocacy by 501(c)(4)s – Part 2


Tim Mooney, Quyen Tu,


On this episode, so you have a 501(c)(4) to advocate on your issues. How do you fund it when you can’t offer tax deductibility to your donors? And what’s so great about them around election season? Listen up and we’ll talk fundraising strategies and give an overview on the power of independent expenditures. This is the second of a two-part series.  

Our Hosts for This Episode:

Tim Mooney Quyen Tu Jen Powis


    • Funding strategies for 501(c)(4)s
      • Non-deductibility disclaimers in solicitations
      • Joint fundraisers
      • Foundation grants 
      • Lobbying grants from 501(c)(3)s 
    • Independent expenditures