ACT! and ACT!Quick Capacity Assessment & Strengthening Tools Now in Spanish


Bolder Advocacy

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 19, 2018 – Alliance for Justice’s Bolder Advocacy program is excited to announce that its most popular advocacy capacity assessment tools, ACT! and ACT!Quick, are now available in Spanish. ACT! and ACT!Quick are free tools that help nonprofits and other grassroots organizations become more effective advocates for their causes by taking a snapshot of their advocacy skills, knowledge, and practices. The tools help groups understand what advocacy they’re ready to do right now, where they need to increase collaboration, and how they want to build their organization’s advocacy strengths. Both are available online on the Bolder Advocacy website: ACT! and ACT! Quick.

“We’ve had many requests for a Spanish-language version of our advocacy capacity tools, so this is a great step for Bolder Advocacy,” said Abby Levine, Director of Bolder Advocacy. “Right now, nonprofits and grassroots groups are showing a lot of interest in becoming bolder advocates, whether that means dealing face-to-face with elected legislators or encouraging others to contact legislators, supporting or opposing ballot measures, or voter engagement. They need tools to help them move forward as effectively as possible, which includes taking a snapshot of their strengths and weaknesses. ”

“The English versions of ACT! and ACT!Quick have been used by thousands of advocates, funders, and evaluators nationwide,” added Sue Hoechstetter, Senior Advisor for Foundation Advocacy and Evaluation. “We are excited about providing these tools to the Spanish-speaking community, and we’re looking forward to offering more of our Bolder Advocacy capacity assessment resources in Spanish in the future.”

In addition to the Spanish-language versions of ACT! and ACT!Quick, Bolder Advocacy provides webinars and in-person trainings in Spanish for nonprofits across the country, as well as free technical assistance in Spanish by phone, e-mail and in-person. You can reach Bolder Advocacy technical assistance in Spanish or English at or at 866-675-6229. Bolder Advocacy’s website offers a number of additional resources in Spanish here.