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State: Maryland
Current Position: U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit
Age: 53

There is no shortage of troubling indicators in Kavanaugh’s record; his writings and rulings attack the right to health care, to reproductive freedom, to clean air and water, and to fair wages and safe working conditions – all highly significant issues in every state in the country. In addition, Kavanaugh’s writings and statements exhibit his belief that there are instances in which the President should not be subjected to the rule of law that applies to ordinary citizens: that there are, in fact, instances in which the President should be above the law. The danger of this view at a time when the President himself seems disdainful of the rule of law cannot be overstated.

In short, the consequences of this nomination for the American people, for decades to come, simply could not be higher.


There is every reason to believe that if he were confirmed to the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh would provide a vote to take health care away from millions of people.


Kavanaugh will meet President Trump’s litmus test of “automatically” overturning or undermining Roe v. Wade.


Kavanaugh has been hostile to the rights of the accused, and appeared to speak favorably of former Chief Justice Rehnquist for pursuing exceptions to the exclusionary rule that is meant to keep illegally obtained evidence out of court.


Kavanaugh has indicated that he does not believe sitting presidents should be indicted, has argued for a president’s power to remove a special counsel at will, and questioned the Supreme Court ruling that ordered President Richard Nixon to turn over the Watergate tapes.


He has repeatedly sided with the wealthy and the powerful over all Americans.  He has fought consumer protections in the areas of automobile safety, financial services, and a  free and open internet.  Kavanaugh has also repeatedly ruled against workers, workplace protections and safety regulations.


Kavanaugh has repeatedly ruled against efforts to combat climate change and the regulation of greenhouse gases.  He also repeatedly ruled against protections for clean air.


Kavanaugh’s troubling record on civil rights includes rulings denying employees protection against discrimination, and upholding a  South Carolina voter photo ID law that disproportionately disadvantaged people of color.


Kavanaugh has taken a narrow view of the lawfulness of modern-day gun safety measures.


Kavanaugh has shown disregard for the rights of immigrant workers, ruling that they are not protected by labor laws.


Kavanaugh has ruled in ways that favor expansive use of government power, including a ruling in favor of allowing the government to access data on consumers’ phone records in bulk.