A far-right campaign has eviscerated the ability of Americans to have their day in court. Victims of corporate malfeasance, medical malpractice, unsafe products, illegal working conditions, civil rights violations, and environmental pollution have seen their ability to hold perpetrators accountable undermined and the courtroom doors shut.

Alliance for Justice has stood with consumer, labor, environmental, and other groups in fighting back against the efforts to keep Americans from having their day in court. AFJ tracks Supreme Court and lower court decisions affecting the legal rights of everyday Americans, educates the public on efforts to narrow those rights, and works with our allies to advocate for progressive legislation and courts that will respect the access to justice that is so fundamental to American values.

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Forced Arbitration

Arbitration is a process in which a private firm is hired to settle a dispute without going to court. It was designed as a voluntary alternative to litigation among corporate equals. It has been twisted today into a tool by powerful corporations to force consumers and employees to surrender their right to hold corporations accountable for wrongdoing before an impartial court.

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Consumer Protections

From drug manufacturers to the asbestos industry, the Roberts Court has consistently sided with corporate interests over protecting the rights of consumers.

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Class Actions

When millions of people are cheated out of relatively small amounts per person, each can’t go through a cumbersome legal process to get her or his money back. Similarly, when thousands of people face racial or sex discrimination by a big corporation, it’s extremely difficult to fight the company one-by-one. The only hope for justice – and the only real deterrent to fraud – is a class action, which allows individuals to band together to bring their common claims against big corporations. But corporate special interests have been waging war against class actions.

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Lawsuits often uncover information that is vital to others in similar situations. For example, a single automobile accident may reveal a design or manufacturing defect that exists in thousands of other vehicles. The tragedies involving some General Motors cars, in which defects led to at least 13 deaths, are a case in point.

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  • Read our letter supporting the Sunshine in Litigation Act which would curb the ongoing abuse of secrecy orders in federal courts by requiring judges to consider public health and safety before granting a protective order or sealing court records and settlement agreements. AFJ has joined other groups concerned with health, safety, and consumer rights

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