Federal courts and federal judges have great influence over rights and freedoms in many critical areas. These include LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, the environment, criminal justice, and access to justice. Unfortunately, President Trump is nominating federal judges who could turn back the clock on progress on all these issues. See AFJ’s fact sheets on Trump judicial nominees and the role of the courts in critical issue areas, below.

Trump’s Judicial Nominees: A Threat to Our Civil Justice System
The Trump Administration is selecting judicial nominees who have fought for the wealthy and powerful and advocated allowing corporate interests to evade accountability when they injure, kill, or violate the rights of Americans.

Trump’s Judicial Nominees: A Threat to Our Justice System
At a time when there is increasing focus on historic inequities in the justice system, it is especially critical that judges are appointed who will ensure that justice is administered fairly and free of racial, ethnic, gender and other biases. These Trump nominees pose a threat to our criminal justice system.

Trump’s Judicial Nominees: Threats to LGBTQ Rights
The Trump Administration is selecting judicial nominees with backgrounds of hostility to LGBTQ communities. These nominees include attorneys and state judges who have fought vigorously in their personal and professional lives to restrict the rights of LGBTQ people.

Trump’s Judicial Nominees:  Bad for Women
President Trump’s nominees to the federal bench threaten women’s rights to reproductive choice and to equal opportunities in education and in the workplace. They would make it harder for women to ght harassment, discrimination, domestic violence and sexual assault. Low-income women, women of color and LGBTQ women would face particular hardships.