AFJ’s new Judicial Selection Dashboard brings the statistics to life

National DashboardAlliance for Justice long has been the definitive source of information concerning judicial vacancies.  We track the status of every vacancy for a lifetime appointment to a federal judgeship.  Now, we’re also the leader in presenting the data in an easy to access, visually-striking form.

Check out our new Judicial Selection Dashboard 

Find out at a glance where the vacancies are most severe.  Where have they gone on the longest?  Where have they reached the status of Judicial Emergencies?  How many vacancies are there in your state?

Developed by Data Revelations the dashboard lets you zoom in – literally – on any state.  Filter by the party affiliation of a state’s senators, by circuit or district court vacancies, by when the vacancy was announced or when the judgeship became vacant, by whether a nominee is pending in committee or on the Senate floor – or by almost any other variable you can think of.

We’ve preserved all the detailed information you’re used to about judicial vacancies.  Now it’s in a format that allows you to customize it to your needs.

State Detail zoomed inBut pretty graphics are not an end in themselves – they’re a way to drive home the point we’ve been making for years: There should be a judge for every vacancy on the federal bench.  And, as AFJ President Nan Aron noted in her recent letter in The New York Times we need those vacancies filled now!

We could say more, but the Dashboard “speaks” for itself!

Go to the new AFJ Judicial Selection Dashboard

Tell your Senators to confirm judicial nominees now!