Established in 2004, the West Coast Offices expand Alliance for Justice’s offerings across its programs, including the Bolder Advocacy programJudicial Selection Project and Access to Justice program.

The West Coast Offices provide advocacy resources to an ever-expanding list of progressive nonprofit organizations in California and other western states, and promote support for the nomination and confirmation of highly capable and fair judges who have demonstrated a commitment to equal justice. The West Coast Offices work with our members and the progressive community to protect and expand pathways to justice and the democratic process.

This region of the country has long been at the forefront of economic, social, and political movements that have impacted American life profoundly. States on the West Coast have been incubators for many policies that have been subsequently adopted elsewhere in the country—including progressive initiatives to provide environmental protections, living wages for workers, and fair treatment for immigrants. Unfortunately, the region has also seen conservative efforts to constrict affirmative action, strip funding for essential human needs, and fuel hostility towards newer Americans and recent immigrants.

Nonprofit and Foundations Advocacy

Through the Bolder Advocacy program, AFJ offers extensive support to nonprofit organizations on the laws and regulations governing nonprofit communication on policy issues. By giving nonprofits and foundations the tools and confidence to advocate effectively and by protecting their right to do so, we help to demystify and decode advocacy. Counsel in our West Coast Offices conduct workshops and trainings throughout the western United States and provide one-on-one technical assistance over the phone, by email, and in-person in our office. Our coaching enables organizations to become better advocates and emboldens them to make their voices heard.

Judicial Selection

AFJ’s Judicial Selection Project monitors and assesses federal judicial nominations to ensure our courts are staffed with highly-qualified judges that will safeguard the rights of all Americans, not just the privileged few. Our West Coast Offices help convene those in this region who care about our federal courts.

Access to Justice

Alliance for Justice has stood with consumer, labor, environmental, and other groups in fighting back against the efforts to keep Americans from having their day in court. AFJ tracks Supreme Court and lower court decisions affecting the legal rights of everyday Americans, educates the public on efforts to narrow those rights, and works with our allies to advocate for progressive legislation and courts that will respect the access to justice that is so fundamental to American values. » Learn more about our Access to Justice work



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